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Question 1:- Nickname, Age, Location etc.  My name is Stas I am 19 years old I live in Russia in the city of Sochi. In 2010, I first saw what mta is , I was not old enough and I did not understand what kind of game it was , I started playing on the Dayz server, At the moment, I am studying at the institute in the last 4 year , this summer I finish it.

Question 2:-  Your MTA history in details.   in 2012 I found out about FFS, started playing there, then I took a break, didn't play for a very long time , in 2016 I came back and started playing OS mode again. In 2017, I joined the Iron Will clan ,at the end of 2019, I left the clan for many reasons, after which I joined the unofficial Back To The Future clan, playing there for a long time and now I'm there too. At the end of 2019, we were offered to create an os squad in MT (Midnight Team), a well-known and strong team in HDM mode, we won 2 clan wars, did not spend much time there, we were forced to leave because our os squad retired,and the clan was closed after the end of l7. in the summer of June 2020, I joined NSP(NewStylePotential), at the invitation of a friend of Ivan, well, and was forced to leave there, due to bad attitude from some players who do not like Russian players.

Question 3:- Previous clans and why you left.   iron will iW//(os manager-left,closed.) Midnight Team [MT] (os manager - closed) NewStylePotential nsp' (member - left) Back To The Future ( Member Now here). Back to the future this is my friend's clan, where we spend time playing clan wars against other clans , this clan is in the top 3 clans on the FFS server

Question 4:- Why do you want to join Zephyros.  I saw that there are a lot of good players and I was told that this is a strong clan, I would like to try to play with all the players and learn something new from these guys

Question 5:- What can you do for us. I play WFF mode constantly I play DM and OS well I don't play HDM, so I can be useful in WFF mode. I can also be useful in the settings of the discord clan, I know all the secrets and chips.

Having been in all these clans, I realized my mistakes and learned a lot.
Discord: Mavrizon#3376

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Mavrin 😮 Good luck bro

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