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[CLOSED] Broken's Join Request

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BrokeN'S Join Request ❤️ 

Nickname, Age, Location etc:

Hello everyone, I think I am a class who knows me or the other does not. Therefore, I will present myself in the best possible way
My name is Ahmed known as broken , 13 years old , living Algeria

Your MTA history in details:

I started since the year 2014 Gta san andreas online specifically Samp. I was playing in a zombie server, memorizing and drifting, gang wars ... I was bored and I did not know how to use, play and talk so I was watching my big brother and I understood some things and he advised me to try mta Allowance on samp. So I tried it in late 2016 until 2017. I do not remember exactly servers, but I do remember if I had exams and my computer had problems so i gave it up. So I came back in late 2019, specifically on the 3R server, after a month, try FFS, FoXX, and now this is playing on the lumiverse server.

Previous Clans and why you left:




-DG- Dream ghost (left/memeber:for due inactive , deadly clan , bad management )

xS| Complex Slayers (left/memeber: It was in the beginning active but I left because It was deadly and I felt alone . I got great times )

and more small teams

Why do you want to join Zephyros:

I chose this talk because it is the best possible option for me in terms of treating kindly and helping others, I am loyal and helpful, and I am developing rapidly, I train every day in Deathmatch . I will try WFF soon because I’m busy with private matters Also , the half of the clan are my friends.


i'm really sorry to say i forget my skills because i have problems in my life also i had exams , so i'd like to say i will return my skills . Because , i train every to be hdm player so yeah 😄 

And what can you do for us :

I trained more in Death match arena, learning programming language [ because is my favorite hobby , designing maps and working with powerful clans [ i will start soon ] . I am obsessed with informatics [ my dream when i was kid ] . I am training to design websites and programs that will help me in the future. 

Additional information:

Thanks for reading my Join Request

My discord : BrokeN#4643

Best Regards , BrokeN

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19 minutes ago, M3ssi said:

Did you play the game when you was 6 y/o?


 I played a lot games when i was kid bcs all likes games

Also i just play few days in samp 2014 with my old brother .

  i retired  bcs i didnt know any thing xd then , i joined mta 2016 in december just a week sadly my pc crashed  then i back to  mta in 2019

It is just a normal thing 😂

Thnx for your opinion

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