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  1. 2021 will be 13 years for me on mta. hi im bullet.
  2. ▪ Nickname, Age, Location etc. Bullet/Agresth. 24. Italy ▪ Your MTA history in details (not only 3 sentences) Started playing in 2008 as a casual race player, then MTA Evolved and DM Started growing up. I decided to switch to DM cause it was more enjoyable for me. in 2011 I started playing seriously on TG while improving more and more to be the best. in 2014 i joined TG and stood there for 2 years. Then i left mta for personal reasons. in 2020 i started playing again cause i was bored 😉 ▪ Previous Clans and why you left TG: 2014-2016. Left for personal



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