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  1. Congratulations new trials. Well deserved.
  2. Me gustaría tomarme el tiempo para desear buena suerte a ambos equipos. Buena suerte.
  3. Me gustaría tomarme el tiempo para desear buena suerte a ambos equipos. Buena suerte.
  4. Dear @Zs'Dr!m4k , I would like to inform you that your application has been reviewed by our Administration, and we decided to give you a chance. Congratulations and welcome.
  5. Greetings @Zs'Dr!m4k , We appreciate your effort into applying for our community and your application is overall well written, though I have some questions. 1. How long is your PP? Does it have different sizes depending on your mood? 2. How can your PP help us? Would you be able to provide Penox with pictures and such? 3. How good of a friend are you with Qlimax? You mentioned that you want to join our christian community so you can be with him, but how good friends are you? Do you kiss eachother good night? Do y'all say #nohomo when you have sexual intercor
  6. I hate your maps. I love your videos.
  7. Nickname, Age, Location etc: Greetings, my name is Alin, aka Chaos, I'm 22 years old and I live in Greece, Santorini. Your MTA history in details (not only 3 sentences): I've been on this game ever since 2013. During this time I've discovered a lot of adventures, friendships, experiments, and successes. A lot of my background is based on my presence in clans. Most valuable Players was the first clan I managed to fully improve myself in gaming and organizing matters, as I was given the ability to control some things such as clan wars. Later on, Zenosyne and Vultaic made
  8. Accept him if you have a big PP.


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