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  1. Thanks for giving me a chance mates! ❤️ btw, I fucking love the new forum layout and design, you guys really did a great job! 🤯😍
  2. Nickname, Age and Location: Hey, I'm the second noble gas from the period system with a electron configuration of [He]2s²2p⁶, but my friends simply call me Neon. My real name is Jan, I'm 24 years old and I'm from a small town near Cologne, Germany. Currently I'm just working in a small company, but in the beginning of October I wanna continue with studying Geoscience, so that I can get a Master of Science degree. Your MTA history in details: I started playing MTA with unruH^ in the year 2010. The first server we played on was [DDC] - Drunk Drivers Club and after some months I made
  3. Hmm, sexy header bro 😘 Good luck anyway!


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