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  1. Thanks for the opportunity! ❤️ Also congratz to @Gteatero and @Neon for making it in the Family. Great news overall. Cant wait for the future!
  2. Best of luck bro! ❤️
  3. Looks enjoyable to play! Good job
  4. Nickname, Age, Location etc: My In-Game name is FlokkZ for like the past 6 years. Before that, I was known for FloXy or FloX. I am turning twenty-four on the 7th of August, which means that I am twenty-three years old by writing this join request. The city I live at is called Kassel. Kassel is a small city located in the center of Germany. Your MTA history in details (not only 3 sentences): Back in 2012 I have started playing MTA on an old roleplay server. Time passed by and I changed from roleplay to an old DM server named Bloody Race. I just thought that I would need to driv


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