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  1. Well written jr tho i like the idea that you explained ur mapping history with details.. good luck!
  2. Nickname, age, location, etc. Toser, 23 years old, Armenian but living in Egypt currently. MTA History. It all started back in 2013, when a real friend of mine (whos nick in game is Aero) told me about MTA. We started playing on different servers like TG, EPG and ffs, but we spent more time in EGP back then. After few months of gaining experience we started joining different clans and every one of us found his way in the game. During the time I spent in this game I joined a lot of different clans xS, VIP, MVP, MAD, DG, SHC. After 1 year in SHC I left the game for a while
  3. Well written bro, and happy birthday Zs ❤️
  4. Hello community! Welcome to the 3rd official news of Zephyros. Today we are going to talk about a lot of updates our clan went through over the past few months. We are going to talk about the latest clanwars we played, new trials, dmotes/kicks and server updates. Lets start! Clanwars: Last month we played 5 clan wars, 2 WFF and 3 DM. First clan war was a DM clan war against Syn which was a really tough match up. Both teams tried their best to win but it ended with a draw (10-10). The second clan war we played was against SoR. We played 2 clan wars against v
  5. Please follow our join request format which you will find here http://zephyro-s.com/index.php?/forums/topic/4-join-request-format/ We also need to know more about your MTA career so please add more information. You can follow this topic if u dont know how to do it. http://zephyro-s.com/index.php?/forums/topic/7174-an-example-of-a-good-join-request-must-follow/ Good luck!
  6. Its either u write ur join request in human language (english) or we will decline the application.
  7. Can you please mention the reason why u got kicked from tff twice? If its something u dont to share here, please contact me on Toser#1767. Other than that good luck!
  8. Why are u even lying about ur age tho? You could be lying in other stuff in ur jr too and we donno
  9. can u please tell us why u left the clans u mentioned? and why u got kicked in from Xz?
  10. Hello community! Welcome to the first ever Zephyros news series. Since I have been given the floor to present the news to you every now and then, I decided to present the news in series to keep you updated step by step on the updates we make. We have a lot to talk about so lets start! Clan wars: We have been playing a lot of WFF and DM clan wars in the past weeks. First clan war was a loss against 3lite Racers with score of 12-8. This clan war was a tough one for us, we would like to thank 3lite racers for the great match. Then we had 2 clan wars against Sofa King
  11. Can u please tell us why u left? if u don't want to mention it here, u can contact me on discord (Toser#1767) or by messaging me here.


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