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  1. wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff pro jr
  2. WTF CATHRINE , really intresting career , mature guy , enough skills in DM and Hunter. Good luck 😁
  4. OMG BEST JR IN 2021 Accepted ☻❤
  5. WoW , intesting join request Good luck mate 😁🔥
  6. Well , i'd like to say it is a really intresting Join Request i really understood more about you. Good luck 🙂 ❤
  7. 7* I played a lot games when i was kid bcs all likes games Also i just play few days in samp 2014 with my old brother . i retired bcs i didnt know any thing xd then , i joined mta 2016 in december just a week sadly my pc crashed then i back to mta in 2019 It is just a normal thing 😂 Thnx for your opinion
  8. can you design to me some logo and banner?
  9. BrokeN'S Join Request ❤️ Nickname, Age, Location etc: Hello everyone, I think I am a class who knows me or the other does not. Therefore, I will present myself in the best possible way My name is Ahmed known as broken , 13 years old , living Algeria Your MTA history in details: I started since the year 2014 Gta san andreas online specifically Samp. I was playing in a zombie server, memorizing and drifting, gang wars ... I was bored and I did not know how to use, play and talk so I was watching my big brother and I understood some things and he advised me to try mta Allow