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  1. This brought me back from the dead just to see it. GOOD LUCK AMIGO
  2. One more clan i forgot International team [Member] - Left because of toxic atmosphere
  3. Nickname, Age, Location etc. SemiSun, 19, Bahrain Your MTA history in details (not only 3 sentences) To begin, back in 2010 I used to play GTA San andreas and wanted to find out ways to play it online and found a video for a comparision between SAMP and MTA which ended in me deciding to pick MTA to go with. So from 2010 to 2013 I used to play on roleplay and drifting servers till one day i decided to check out some new popular servers and one of them was "FFS Gaming". The beginning of my journey with multigamemode servers began with me playing Destruction derby which i didnt re


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