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  1. Nickname, Age, Location etc. My nickname is Gteatero, I am 23 years old and I live in Chile, in a small city called Rancagua Your MTA history in details I will divide my story in 2 because it will be impossible to keep an order, they will be divided between my history as a player in the DM community and as a mapper so you can know me evenbetter HISTORY AS DM PLAYER: It all started in 2014 when I was playing freeroam and a friend invited me to a DM server called New Dawn, I was impressed by how difficult this gamemode looked and in fact for me it was a lot of suffering becau
  2. Buena suerte Panda, te deseo lo mejor y espero que te acepten en esta comunidad, cualquier cosa puedes contar conmigo, por ti dare lo mejor de mi para verte sonreir y que cada dia sea el mejor de tu vida, las unicas lagrimas que tendras por mi seran de alegria, mucho exito!!
  3. Akrom ya no es mas Raven, bienvenido a la humildad