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  1. I love u but failed quarter of glory cuz of u declined. joke gl bro 👌👌
  2. good luck bro xD! Additional information (Skepty ft Kira soon)
  3. About me : My name is Dylan Riouall i live in France exactly in Brittany and i will turn 21 in November (07/11/2000).I'm a student in a University about "Sport" and it's my second grade. About MTA : I started this game in 2011 when my friend called me to play this Multiplayer game of GTA : SA and like everyone I started in Freeroam. After a year I was bored of this gamemode so I tried many others and I found SKC Deathmatch/Destruction Derby and when I joined this .. the dream , satisfying gamemode so I started nolifing this more to watch than play but I love