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  1. 1. 22cm My normal mood measures 13cm. When I see your cousin I measure 18cm When I see your sister she measures 22cm 2. I can provide videos, images and anything else you may need. 3. Actually I did mention him because he is my friend and he gives me kisses and caresses me every night and that has made me want to be close to him always, I will always love him today, tomorrow and forever. 🥰
  2. 1. -Personal presentation (name, Nickname, age, current location): Well, my name is José Joaquin aka #Dr!m4k in-game. I was born in November 1999, so I’m 21 and currently living in a small town in San José, Costa Rica. 2. -Tell us about yourself (Story of your career in MTA): I started playing MTA in 2013 on the server XPG, in the zombie’s mode then the same community of XPG had a DM server, I spent in that way and i've been playing DM say almost 7 years. All that time not only DM I've played, I have also dedicated to Sh and scripter. I'm not very well known at MTA because I usu
  3. [HDM]NaGaFo - Drift Backwards V (unexpected end x2 drift RIP) [DM] FaFAcZ - Yarrak Backwardships (unexpected end) [HDM] ShankZ v1 BW Levelsitos [DM] ZJK - Backward Time (+360°) by Dr!m4k [DM]Pure-Backward talent

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