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  1. You tell me not to read your JR so how should I vote for you ? Good luck with your bad attitude. Make a better efford in your JR, because for me this is not a proper JR.
  2. Can you make a better efford in your JR ? Feels small and the colors hurt my eyes.
  3. ▪ Hello. My name is Samuel Jesus, I'm 27 years old and I'm from Portugal, my nickname is Spotlight. I live in south of Portugal, city called Tavira, near to beach. There is not much I can say about me, I work, married and father. I spend some time in mta and I'm known as a mapper. ▪ I started playing mta with friends in a server called xG (xtreme Gamers from Mondim). It was a Portuguese clan where all the portuguese people used to hang out and after playing couple month I made a JR, joined after couple months. After some months the server started to lose players and t