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  1. 7. -Why do you want to join Zephyros: Actually to be honest I want to join to be with my friend Qlimax but other than that I can also help with the clan in various emphases. wtf, only cuze qlimax???? declined.
  3. What a nice join request, good luck bro
  4. After 7 hours of playing, score ended for eP 14-6. Thanks eP for the high level clanwar. Zephyros 6:14 Elite Players | Referee: |-XpR-|Makki & Syn'Crystal 1. [HUNTER]Closed Zs 0:1 eP | naxoep (3), JARI'eP! (4) 2. [Hunter]Open Zs 1:1 eP | *Mix.zs (4), Zs'Alamm^ (2), kweusz|Zs (3) 3. [DM] Swifty ft. AnUs ft. TONY - Celestial Reach Zs 1:2 eP | JARI'eP! (7) 4. [Hunter]Open Zs 2:2 eP | Zs'NERVA (2), ^NominatioN'Zs (4), pawni'zs (5), ~LukasZs (3), czs (4) 5. [DM] HawK vol.2 - The Devil in I [FIX] Zs 2:3 eP | naxoep (5), LonneX.'.eP (3) 6. [Hunter]Open Zs 3:3 eP |
  5. Clanwar was finally not played because INT players didn't come to play it. We may understand that they could have troubles with members some days before, but its not acceptable that INT want to postpone 1,5 hours before the clanwar due their disorganization, then accusing our Clanwar Manager for missunderstanding the day it was schedule. Many Zs members had to postpone their own stuff in order to be able to train and come to play the clanwar this weekend. #EDIT After conversations with INT Leader, we have determined that it was a misunderstanding from both Clanwar-managers and the clanw
  6. After playing for about 3 hours straight, DST manager began an argue about Hunter mods towards our team players. We gave the option to upload an Anti-hunter Mod but it was not enough, the option to keep the clanwar with this script running was denied due lack of interest on keep playing it, so it ended with a favorable score for Zephyros [7-5]. We just can say sorry to DST about possible hunter mod issues related, but also we want to clear-out that it was never our intention to cheat or take any possible advantage of mods which could eventually carry us to a straight victory. We don't even a
  7. Hello community! Welcome to the 4th official news of Zephyros. Today we are going to talk about Zephyros turning exactly 1 year from opening and a lot of updates related to our team, including members update, clanwars and some sneak peeks of our upcoming main server. 🎉Zephyros Birthday: Today, Zephyros accomplish exactly one year since it was opened by our dear @Zs'QlimaXz . Zephyros has been going through many changes, updates, releases and closes, many emotions, relationships, victories and defeats... But the truth is that we cannot be more greatful for the time we've bee
  8. pawNY


    Next time i'll be there 😉