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xNUKEx's Join Request

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  •  Nickname, Age, Location etc.

My nickname is xNUKEx, before I played as rNuke7, my name is Rafael Martins, I am 16 years old and I live in Brazil, I am in the last year of high school, and next year I intend to go to engineering college. I hope to have the chance to join  Zephyros, as I have many friends in the clan, and I also admire the group as a whole, for the victories and the organization that it has become. Whenever I need, I will be willing to play and fight for the team. I play mainly HDM, but I can help in whatever is necessary, learning from also contributing with what I can.

  •  Your MTA history in details (not only 3 sentences)

I started playing MTA in 2015, but it wasn't DM, just Roleplay, only in 2017 did I know the game mode and I really liked it, I was interested in learning how things worked, since then I never changed my way of playing, and I always intended to evolve more and more. I played only on small and Brazilian servers, where I made many friends and I was invited to play on other better known servers, such as Vultaic, Foxx, TG, among others. in 2018 I joined Maelstrom, where I played alongside Vander and Hollyweed, who today are the best players, in my opinion. For personal reasons I stopped playing at the beginning of 2019, and I stayed that way until March 2020, when the pandemic started, I decided to play again, it was when I was invited to SwC, a Brazilian clan that had closed a few times, and that already had heard about it in 2018, accepted the invitation to join the clan, but three months later the team was disbanded for personal reasons of the founder. After the team was closed, I was a little discouraged with the game, because I liked the clan very much because it gave me a very good energy, and that's what I'm looking for when doing this JR, to be able to have the energy of a group that supports me, and you will always receive my support. After this outcome of SwC, I almost 2 months without playing, and then I made JR for Ravens, where I was accepted on the second attempt. Several personal reasons made me discourage the game and unfortunately abandon the clan, with only 3 days of participation, although friends say it was a dumb decision, I respected the commitment, and preferred not to give my word and not keep it, I don't think sure to stay afk in a clan, making excuses for not doing things. After that I stayed another month without playing and then I came back in December with a lot of desire to play and I am still here today, looking forward to being accepted into Zephyros, I hope you have understood my history in the MTA, although it is not very long, I was able to win much experience.

  •  Previous Clans and why you left

I was part of some small clans, but the most relevant ones were:


Maelstrom - Expelled for inactivity after 2 months of clan.


SkillsWithoutControl (SWC) - I entered by invitation of the leader and the clan ended after 3 months of return. 😞


Ravens - After 2 JR's I joined, but after personal reasons I ended up leaving and being absent from the game.

  •  Why do you want to join  Zephyros:

I admire  Zephyros as a clan throughout, as it appears to be a well-structured and managed community, I admire the players who are present, both in WFF and DM, and I also have many Brazilian friends or not.


  • And what can you do for us:

My main skill is in HDM, I train a lot and I really want to play when it comes to this. I am not the best at WFF but I am open to learning new skills and I would have no problem with someone teaching me.


  • Additional Information:
    Discord: RFLmartins # 5656


I look forward to the result of JR 🙂



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