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Tick Join Request

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Nickname, Age, Location etc. 

My name is Temístocles Akim known as Tick, im from Salvador-BH, Brazil.

 Your MTA history in details (not only 3 sentences).

Well, to start this story, I have to say something. I didn't play MTA for a long time, due to some things that happened in my career as a cw player and so on. I was very sad about it and rethinking how to continue to focus on this shit game, let's go to my career. I started playing MTA around 2015 ~ 2014 I don't know exactly what year it was, I started playing on a Brazilian server called "vz gaming" I made many friendships that I still have today, I joined several clans but none should be mentioned here, soon to follow During this period I went to expand as a player and met the fans through other players, that's when I fell in love with this game. One of my first teams to join was -sK- that I don't like to remember, right after several servers with different ideas were launched, the first was the ER, right after that I joined other teams and was, iSG, UP and others . After a few years Vultaic was launched after the launch, I started playing again and focused on training, I miss that time because I was a no-lifer and nowadays I don't even step on the W map (laughs). I spent a lot of time playing and training, getting better each day more and more, and after a while I stopped playing because the clan I was in had closed. and around 2019 I opened an incredible community that I still miss the famous Ravens, after closing I lost interest in playing again, but I'm coming back with everything. Thanks for reading this shit. sorry i know my english sucks

Previous Clans and why you left

-sK- left go out on the same day

iSG - I don't remember what happened I probably left

iW - left

UP - closed

PxG - left

Korn - left

Ravens - closed 😪

there are several others, but not worth mentioning here

 Why do you want to join Zephyros and what can you do for us 

Well, I am a very friendly person, who knows me knows, I can bring a pleasant environment to everyone on the team, and for the past few years I have been learning designer (After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe XD) And I can say with all certainty that I have experience in this matter as a designer, and besides playing cw and among other things.

and what can you do for us

I can do a lot of things for you, as a designer, broadcasts, server designer, and among other things that I know

 Additional information    


eu sou um baiano gostoso 


zumpax é viado

bruno é gay


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