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  3. Zephyros vs. Nitrous Racing #2 Date: 25/04/2021 Time: 19:00 CEST Type: DM/Hunter Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Server: 'Zs - Zephyros | Clanwar/Training server | Zephyros ('Zs) Players • • • • • - everyone from the clan Maps [DM] Budya V9 - A Day To Remember [DM] Str!ker - Lovely movement [DM] ToseR V3 - Good vibes [DM]Nice v.7 - Industrial Skills - [DM] Packy V10 - Tournanment Nitrous Racing (xN) Players • • • • • - everyone from the clan Maps [DM] sYKu ≡ V
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  5. Me gustaría tomarme el tiempo para desear buena suerte a ambos equipos. Buena suerte.
  6. Clanwar Information Type: WFF Server: MCL WFF SERVER Date: 02.05.2021 Time: 20:00 CET Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Zephyros (Zs') ZsKronger ZsZumpax ZsTifis ZsAlvarO ZsOptimal Reserves: Everyone from the clan Maps: x x x x x Talca Racing (TR|) TR|Hozwks TR|WaRRiO TR|Poto TR|Diabolismo TR|NotaS Reserves: Everyone from the clan Maps: x x x x
  9. AYAYA SQUADDY (Co-leader) 2020-2021 Currently on FoXX Community VAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  10. Declined Reason: multi-clan, Please wait for 10 years to do a JR again, Thank you very much.
  11. Dear @Zs'Dr!m4k , I would like to inform you that your application has been reviewed by our Administration, and we decided to give you a chance. Congratulations and welcome.
  12. wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff pro jr
  13. 1. 22cm My normal mood measures 13cm. When I see your cousin I measure 18cm When I see your sister she measures 22cm 2. I can provide videos, images and anything else you may need. 3. Actually I did mention him because he is my friend and he gives me kisses and caresses me every night and that has made me want to be close to him always, I will always love him today, tomorrow and forever. 🥰
  14. Greetings @Zs'Dr!m4k , We appreciate your effort into applying for our community and your application is overall well written, though I have some questions. 1. How long is your PP? Does it have different sizes depending on your mood? 2. How can your PP help us? Would you be able to provide Penox with pictures and such? 3. How good of a friend are you with Qlimax? You mentioned that you want to join our christian community so you can be with him, but how good friends are you? Do you kiss eachother good night? Do y'all say #nohomo when you have sexual intercor
  15. 7. -Why do you want to join Zephyros: Actually to be honest I want to join to be with my friend Qlimax but other than that I can also help with the clan in various emphases. wtf, only cuze qlimax???? declined.
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